skin boils

Wonder why do boils occur?

Unfortunately skin boils can't be attributed to one reason. In fact there are many different causes of boils. The simplest of boils can be caused by something as trite as an ingrown hair. Some boils can be caused by acne, which may clog the pores or sweat glands, and result in an infection. A splinter or another piece of material that gets stuck under the skin may form a boil. Others can form as the result of a splinter or other foreign material that has become lodged in the skin.

In fact any opening or cut in the skin may get infected and become a boil. For this reason it is imperative that proper treatment of all cuts be attended to immediately. It is the simple procedures such as cleaning the cut, and putting on disinfectant make all the difference in the world. Antibacterial ointment will also help prevent infections, and thus retard the appearance of a boil.

Boils are a result of the body's natural defenses trying to stop the infection. The bacterium that is invading the body needs to be killed. If the disinfectants don't kill them, or were never used, the body will take matters into its own hands. It will send white blood cells to try to dissipate the infection. In doing so, it will make the area swell, hence causing the boil. The selling will cause the tenderness in the skin and change the skin color to red. As the battle under the skin continues, the area may harden.

One may wonder who is most likely to develop a boil. Do boils occur more often in children or adults, or does it not make a difference. With all things being equal anyone may develop a boil. However, there are certain people that are more likely to develop a boil.

Anyone with certain illnesses or who are taking certain medications that impair body's immune system will be more likely to develop an infection. Those with diabetes and kidney failures are among those most likely to develop such an infection. Additionally those with hypogammaglobulinemia, a type of disease that weakens the immune system, will be more likely candidates to develop boils. There are several other diseases and infections that those with a weakened immune system may develop complications from. Boils are generally something very minor compared to other complications that result from a weakened immune system.

Medications that suppress the immune system such ascortisone medications, including prednisone and prednisolone will put its users at a higher risk of incurring a boil. There are several other medications that put its users at risk of developing boils, but generally a boil is of a much lesser concern that the illness that the medication has been prescribed to treat. One should not stop taking their prescribed medicines if a boil occurs. One should seek proper medical attention from a trained physician.

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